For over a quarter of a century SMI Product Finishers has been providing high quality, powder coating services to commercial and private customers in greater New England. We have one of the largest powder coat operations in New England, with 13000 square feet devoted to our powder coating operations. Within that space there is a sixty six foot oven equipped with a 3 stage iron phosphate pre-treatment station, capable of large runs for manufacturing like enclosures, fencing, furniture, and brackets, to small one off jobs like car parts, motorcycle parts, patio furniture, and other small projects.



At SMI Product Finishers we take quality, deadlines and customer service very seriously. All items go through a thorough inspection process that will meet or exceed the customer’s satisfaction. We understand items need to be done in a timely fashion and we make sure to meet the demands of the customer within days of receiving the work. We work with the top powder coat manufactures and have great relationships with them, which helps ensure we can get the ideal powder coat for the job. We stock over 500 different powder coatings at any given time, and have a large variety of colors, gloss, textures and chemistry.  We are certified with the New Hampshire DOT, Massachusetts DOT, New Jersey DOT and we are the only Pennsylvania DOT approved Powder Coat applicator in Massachusetts. We also offer pickup and delivery service!