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Our paint shop liquid coatings department is a high performance system that is highly adaptable to customer needs and puts out any of an endless number of top quality finishes on a wide variety of surfaces and materials, including those that are temperature sensitive. As many other finishes require higher temperatures to harden, we can use specially designed paints for temperature sensitive parts, such as; wood, glass, plastics, fiberglass and more.


We are also a Cerakote certified applicator. Cerakote is the toughest firearm finish around and is used by the nation’s leading gun manufacturers. Cerakote has been tested and found to out-perform any competitive firearm coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications. When it comes to a strong and resilient finish this is one example of the many coatings we provide that are designed to be the toughest of the tough. Cerakote is also available in all colors and serves as a great base for water immersion printed graphics or hydrographics.




What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a high quality, ceramic based, gun coating finish that protects guns from abrasion and corrosion. Cerakote out-performs it’s competitors in many aspects, is affordable and extremely durable. Below are some of the claims that Cerakote has made:

Drop Test

(ASTM D2794) Cerakote has the highest (reasonably measurable) drop test result.  The toughness implied by the drop test defers to the lamination and deformation resistance of a coating.  Cerakote gun coatings achieve the 160 inch-lb maximum meeting or exceeding all other competing products.


(ASTM D3363) Cerakote as a gun coating, redefines hardness as a usable gun finish.  This test determines a material coating’s ability to avoid penetration and scratches.  Cerakote blows away all other dedicated “coatings”.

Corrosion Resistance

(ASTM B117) Cerakote shines in the corrosion resistance testing. It exceeds all relative competitors in gun coatings and gun finishes in the salt spray testing which determines how easily a piece of material is oxidized by “normal” and slightly elevated environmental exposure.

Abrasion Resistance

(ASTM D4060) Cerakote has abrasion resistance far superior to ANY other standard gun coatings or gun finishes. The friction testing helps to determine the wear capabilities of the product, and in these tests, Cerakote as a gun coating excels.