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Powder Coating Rim Special!

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The New England seasons really take a toll on your vehicles rims. Bring them to us and we will strip them down and make them look great again with a resilient Powder coat finish and you’ll save money on each rim for a limited time!

Bring in rims from your car, truck, ATV, tractor, trailer, or anything else and choose from a huge selection of Powder coat finishes to make them look like new again! Call or visit our shop today for complete details.

Chrome rim rates may vary.

Cannon Restoration

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Custom and unusual projects are nothing new to us and here is a great example of one. These are some pictures of a set of 4 cannons that were brought to us for refinishing in our Powder coating department. Rough condition, but that didn’t hold us back.

CannonRestoration1  UCR2

These cannons were put through the process of being blasted, stripped and cleaned. After an extensive prepping stage, they were mounted for painting and curing, coated in a semi-gloss black powder coat, cured, inspected, packed, and sent to some happy customers. Here’s what those old cannons looked like after we were through with them.

CR2  CR1