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SMI Product Finishers Annual Food Drive

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SMI Product Finishers Annual Food Drive

There are many proud hard-working families, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in a situation where help is needed. Perhaps you know a family like this or have been in this situation. When we consider giving back and helping each other, it has a ripple effect, which truly makes the world a better place to live in. What’s more is that by helping a family in need, you decrease the stress and urgency of survival instincts, which frees the minds of these people to seek reliable resources to become self sufficient.

Think about how many times you have thrown away money on something you really didn’t need. An extra appetizer or desert you could have gone without. You have the power to restore faith in humanity to those who just need some extra help. SMI Product Finishers Annual Food Drive needs your support. Please consider donating nonperishable food items and make a difference to a local family in need. Thank you! Donations accepted at our location, but please call to coordinate drop-off times. (978) 388 – 1601

Special Discount of 25% On These Select Cerakote Finish Colors!

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From now until supply runs out, we are offering 25% off on these select Cerakote finish colors:

Call us at (978) 388-1601 or fill out the form below for more information

Snow White - H-136

Snow White

Hidden White - H-1242

Hidden White

Crimson - H-220


Wild Pink - H-208

Wild Pink

Wild Green - H-207

Wild Green

Wild Purple H-197

Wild Purple

MagPul OD Green H-232

MagPul OD Green

Desert Sand H-30372

Desert Sand

McMillan Tan H-203

McMillan Tan

Burnt Bronze H-148

Burnt Bronze

Red Orange H-266

Red Orange

McMillan Grey H-201

McMillan Grey

Looking for additional colors? We have hundreds of Cerakote colors to choose from!

CERAKOTE out performs every competitive coating available today. Not just utilized for gun coating anymore, continued testing has proven Cerakote holds up better than it’s competitors against impact, abrasion, corrosion, heat (900 degrees!), and chemical penetration. Originally formulated as a gun finish, Cerakote’s colors, finishes, and coatings produce a smooth, clean appearance on virtually any material including wood, metals, polymers and plastics.

Call us at (978) 388-1601 or fill out the form below for more information.