SMI Product Finishers are Powder Coating, Hydrographics, Screen Printing, and Liquid Coating product finishers, proudly serving New England since 1978.

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Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a durable, attractive and practical finishing option for most items made from metal. We specialize in restoration projects, large volume production work, and even the more complex or unique pieces that the other guys won’t touch.

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Hydrographics or Water Transfer Printing is a unique process of adhering custom graphics to almost any hard surface, and is a great way to brand your products, spread brand awareness, stand out on the showroom floor or blend into the wilds.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process used to transfer ink onto apparel, containers, signs, or parts. We specialize in plastic and metal printing. Whether you need thousands of water bottles or a few computer cases printed on, SMI Product Finishers will handle the job.

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Cerakote – Liquid Coatings

Cerakote is a durable ceramic coating that is the leading industry finish for professional firearms. SMI Product Finishers are certified Cerakote applicators, and our paint shop is spacious, flexible and primed to accommodate any project, no matter the size!

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